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Available September 7, 2018


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Floating Production Storage and Offloading

Offshore production facilities that house both processing equipment and storage for produced hydrocarbons.

Effective development solutions for both deepwater and ultra-deepwater fields.

10,587 words, 16 pictures, 1 graph and 4 tables.

Five industry leaders pictured inside.

An optimal choice for development when there are no existing pipelines or infrastructure to transfer production to shore.

What we do for FPSOs in US GoM is no longer understood as industry leaders retire.

Peter Lovie, Industry Pioneer

Born in Glasgow Scotland, Peter Lovie earned his Master of Applied Mechanics degree at the University of Virginia where he was a Fulbright Scholar and his B.Sc. in Civil Engineering from the University of Glasgow in Scotland.  Peter Lovie came to America as an immigrant in 1967.  He began with Cameron and The Offshore Company (now Transocean) in Houston.

Early in 1970, he was co-founder and president of Engineering Technology Analysts, Inc. (ETA). He started ETA from nothing and building a team of brainy millennials that ultimately designed a new generation of jackup drilling rigs in the 1970s. This ambitious venture challenged the established Big Four jackup design sources of the day.

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“Looks like a great read…As always, you bring a lot of insight and historical perspective”

“Your relentless effort, drive, and dedication to the success of FPSOs have been important to their successes!”

“Very enjoyable indeed and making sure that the important milestones are remembered for the years to come.”

The Untold Story About the Two Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSOs) in U.S. Gulf of Mexico