2016 and Two FPSOs in US GoM: the Twenty Year Saga by Peter Lovie

2016 and Two FPSOs in US GoM:
the Twenty Year Saga

Saga been reformatted January 2018 to make it easier to find what is in it and easier to read. Content as before

The purpose of this website is to make the piece "2016 and Two FPSOs in US GoM: the Twenty Year Saga" freely available to any interested party. It has been written by FPSO industry veteran Peter Lovie, inspired by what he has seen in the last two years of how much of what we do for FPSOs in US GoM is no longer understood as industry leaders retire and leave the industry.

With 10,587 words, 16 pictures, 1 graph and 4 tables it is way too long to be published as a standard article in offshore industry trade magazines. Some feel it sometimes is not be sufficiently politically correct for them.

The piece has received very positive feedback from seasoned real practitioners familiar with what it describes. It has the approval of the five industry leaders pictured in it. In the absence of a publication to carry the full text with all its frank anecdotes, it is being self published on this website.

After publication of the original text, Peter Lovie was asked to talk about the Saga in a number of publications and events. These are provided below for immediate download:

About the Author

Peter Lovie’s 49 years in engineering and management in the offshore industry have all been in Houston, the first 22 years on offshore drilling related business. Over the last 21 years Peter has become known as something of an industry authority on FPSOs, from his unusual combination of working on both the FPSO contractor and operator sides of the aisle as well as the necessary shuttle tanker side of it (Bluewater as Business Development Manager, American Shuttle Tankers as Vice President, and Devon Energy as Senior Advisor Floating Systems. He is known for his contributions leading to the design and contracting of the first FPSO and shuttle tankers to enter service in GoM.

Peter has been a frequent speaker on both technical and commercial sides of the FPSO business and has served as moderator at FPSO conferences worldwide. Currently he serves on the Advisory Board for Pennwell’s Topsides Platforms & Hulls conference in setting up its first FPSO Track.

He started in the oilfield with Cameron and The Offshore Company (now Transocean), then founded an engineering company (ETA) with its introduction of a new generation of jackup drilling rigs in the 1970s, that were built in France (Dyvi Beta and Dyvi Gamma), Singapore and Japan (Robray 300 class).

That was followed by marketing and contracting MODU construction for US and Singapore, then a 6 year stint in pioneering subsea processing.

Peter Lovie is author of 5 US patents and numerous technical papers. In the last two decades he held leadership roles in industry groups (DeepStar, SPE, Rice Global E&C Forum). Credentials include: Professional Engineer in Texas (PE), Project Management Professional (PMP) in 2009-2015 and Fellow of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects (FRINA). He earned his Master of Applied Mechanics degree at the University of Virginia where he was a Fulbright Scholar, and his B.Sc. in Civil Engineering from University of Glasgow in Scotland.

Currently Peter Lovie is an independent consultant. For more on his experience and frame of reference, including recent publications, please visit www.lovie.org